Japanese Wolf Mask design and canvas

Wolf Mask Design

My beloved husband asked me to make this Japanese wolf mask to decorate his new wallet. While the image is secular, that doesn’t mean the making of it must be! I am using this as a prayer piece as well as a gift for him. So other mundane undertakings can be uplifted by prayer. Packing a box lunch can provide an opportunity for spiritual care as well as physical nourishment!

Wolf Mask Painted Canvas

This is the painted canvas…

2 thoughts on “Japanese Wolf Mask design and canvas

  1. rhekelley says:

    Carmen, can you clarify: I don’t think Beloved Husband carries a wallet this big, and the actual piece is teeny tiny holes in the canvas? If so, the painting is all the more amazing! What is the actual size of the wolf head?

    • The wallet is a fold-over. The whole design is 6″ x 7 1/2″. The Wolf’s head is 5 1/2″ high by 5 1/4″ wide, and I used 18 point canvas, which is the smallest I can easily paint. When the wallet is folded, the eyes should peer out of the edge…

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