NeedlePrayer – Begin with Celebration!


I find it is important for me to begin a NeedlePrayer session with celebration and thanksgiving.  I do NeedlePrayer pieces for people with major issues.  It’s too easy to get caught up in awfulness.  I need to begin with creation, with joy, with the good things that have happened to my prayer recipients.

Only then can I pray without negativity, with joy.

Without fear, with faith.

Without despair, with hope.

I believe this makes a profound difference in the quality of my prayer.

Rhe Uplifted | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.


4 thoughts on “NeedlePrayer – Begin with Celebration!

  1. rhekelley says:

    Well said. If I begin with celebration of Who God Is, and then thankfulness for What He Has Done, my faith increases no matter what my mood (and my mood usually changes if it’s been negative). I also find that my prayer requests are less demanding, that I have more humility and don’t act like I’m giving God advice or demands. If I start right out with requests, I’m sure that He still hears me, but I’m not as aware of His power and wisdom.

  2. rhekelley says:

    As I’ve been working through Evelyn Underhill’s “Abba” little book, I see her recommending just this sort of prayer. She highlights how the Lord’s Prayer follows this pattern.

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