The Spirit descending on Him like a dove…

“The Spirit of God must come upon us. This is not so that we can perform dramatic acts, but, rather, so that we can have a new quality of life that is beautiful and resistless, yet quiet and gentle.”

From my morning readings in “The Power of His Presence” by Ray C. Stedman.

Saturday Early Morning by Recovering Sick Soul
Saturday Early Morning, a photo by Recovering Sick Soul on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons Attribution License.

3 thoughts on “The Spirit descending on Him like a dove…

  1. rhekelley says:

    Can you comment on what “resistless” means? I appreciate this quote. So often I am looking for fireworks instead of allow the steady candle flame of His love to inform and motivate my decisions and reactions.

    • I think “resistless” as in not fighting the will of God, but submitting to Him our desires and our ideas of what we should be doing, and setting them aside faithfully.

      I chose this quote to share on NeedlePrayer because it speaks to me of service, of embracing God’s will, and of the way that can beautify, simplify, comfort us in our lives.

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