Serving without Intruding

Once I decided to make a piece for someone I had never met, investing in them time, creativity, and prayer, I had to decide how much I wanted to intrude into their life.  My first thought was to stay totally apart from them, to send the finished piece totally anonymously.  It was to be a gift from God, without a person attached.

But wiser heads told me to include my name, that it would make the gift more real somehow.  I hope I have been able to steer a steady course in my NeedlePrayer ministry between intrusion and service.

Emilee Sunrise 12x12 f by Carmen CS
Emilee Sunrise 12×12 f, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

This is another piece I made for the young lady with cancer.  Because I had shared who I was, I was able to ask her what kind of design she would like stitched during her major surgery.  She asked for a beach sunrise; I know she enjoyed this finished design!


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