Valley of Shadow – Magnetic!

You might be wondering what the little grey squares on the canvas are.  They are rare earth magnets; small but quite powerful magnets used by needle pointers to hold their needles.  One on each side of the canvas holds gently but firmly, preventing the canvas distortion that we used to get from sticking our needles through the canvas.

I tried taping my design to the back of the canvas, but the magnets work better.  It’s easier to make small adjustments to  the design’s position.  This is necessary because no matter how carefully I make the design up, it never perfectly fits the point size of the canvas.  Thus I need to shift the design round as I paint different areas.

Rare earth magnets are stronger than ordinary magnets, and very light!  Ordinary magnets have trouble holding through any thickness of material; these rare earth magnets even hold through my 9-year-old niece’s fingers!

Magnetic! by Carmen CS
Magnetic!, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

One thought on “Valley of Shadow – Magnetic!

  1. rhekelley says:

    I love these magnets! They can even hold my embroidery scissors on the canvas when it’s in a frame. I also put a magnet on my floss tote to hold extra pre-threaded needle and to hold the scissors, which I keep on a ribbon and tie to the tote handle so I can’t take them away from my needlepoint work (:>). It’s amazing how strong these little magnets are!

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