Cat’s Project – Kickoff!

A Few Good Needleprayers by Carmen CSThank you, Cat, for taking me up on my offer to design a NeedlePrayer piece!

To get started, I will need some information. You need not share any or all on the NeedlePrayer blog; anything you want to keep private can be sent to me privately via the link below.  I never want to breach privacy with NeedlePrayer.

Here are some starting questions:

1) It helps me pray if I have a name, and preferably a picture.

2) Please share as much of her circumstances as you are comfortable with, to help me focus both my prayer and my design thoughts.

3) Are you planning to needlepoint, cross-stitch or do some other craft?

4) How big a piece are you thinking of? How much time do you want to spend? Are you interested in fancy stitch guides?

5) Is there any text you want to include? A poem, bible verse, name, something like that?

6) Do you have any ideas for what kind of image you want?

These last 2 questions, it’s OK if you don’t have ideas, but if you have something in mind let me know up front!

This is enough to get the ball rolling, but please feel free to share anything else that comes to mind.

Oh, I’m _so_ excited about this! Thanks for the opportunity!


3 thoughts on “Cat’s Project – Kickoff!

  1. rhekelley says:

    Can’t wait to see the progress on this loving project!

  2. Here’s what Cat was comfortable with sharing with you all:

    Oops – computer issue. Sorry. I will tell you we call her Bella. She is a little girl so I won’t show her photo here, but will see if I can send one to you privately.

    She was facing issues of fitting in, as she noted her skin is not the same color as her parents or siblings (adults). She knows she is adopted. But then her mom died after a brave fight with cancer. In preparation for her death, her mom moved the family to a friendlier place, where she fits into the neighborhood better. So, Bella also misses her home and neighbors.

    I am looking at cross stitch or other craft. I also work in craft painting, oil painting (not suitable for this, I think) and polymer clay. I am open to needle point and some more intricate stitching, realizing I will need to practice on blanks and not on the finished piece. I would like something small she can keep in her room, or in a memory box as she matures.

    I would like there to be a verse she can grow into. Because she comes form a Catholic-Jewish home, I am considering the Old Testament as a possible source. I thought I’d ask my cousin (a minister) and wonder if you have any suggestions.

    I can spend time daily, although the amount varies greatly. If the plan is to set a time, I would guess an hour daily is a safe amount.

    With regard to images, she likes fanciful things. But I do not want something that would silly as she grows up. SO maybe pretty, and colorful but not too cute.

    Gee, I am not sure I have been very helpful here. I am looking forward to working with you to create something special for this little girl with so much loss.


    • Actually, Cat, this is a great start. I’m going to follow up with posts on the separate issues that need to be thought out and brought together for a final piece…

      Bella plainly needs lots of love and prayer!

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