Valley of Shadow – Painting the First Color


You can start painting anywhere on the canvas.  Here I have chosen to start in the middle of the golden clouds.  Since the colors cannot be allowed to mix, it is best to paint all the nearby areas of a color at the same time.  But because the design never seems to totally match up to the canvas threads, I find that it is chancy to jump to far.  So if there’s another area of the color further than a few inches away, I will wait and paint it later and not risk getting to that area and finding that I’m off by a thread or two.

In addition to painting the main design area, I paint a color key to the right.  This is a line of small squares, one of each color.  This will make picking threads later somewhat easier.

First Color Painted by Carmen CS
First Color Painted, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.


4 thoughts on “Valley of Shadow – Painting the First Color

  1. rhekelley says:

    I never would have thought it would be chancy to move more than a couple inches across the canvass. Are you going to investigate ways to solve this problem, or is it just inherent?

    One of my favorite things about the canvasses you’ve painted for me to stitch is the numbered color key that makes it easy to pick the correct color floss, even if the colors are close in hue. Initially, I had a hard time distinguishing between close colors, and you solved that problem by numbering the colors and putting the numbers on the floss holder.

    • I seem to be able to solve the problem for each canvas but not overall. The process is very trial and errr, and frankly more trouble than its worth.

      I have not figured out how to solve it once and for all. I suspect that the manufacturing process means that different areas of canvas are out just enough to cause this problem, so nothing I can do would get away from the need for individual adjustment.

      • rhekelley says:

        Ha! That’s why machines will never truly duplicate hand craft!! I hope if you think of it that way, it won’t ever be frustrating.

        I don’t know if this sounds irreverent, but is it in microcosm reflective of the difference in our creativity and the Lord’s? The problem is based on flaws in the canvas, and our creativity this side of heaven will always be limited. (Of course, I expect it will always be less than His, even in heaven.)

        I wish I had better words to express the wonder I’m feeling right now. Certainly I have something to muse on this week as I endeavor to express His gift of creativity in me!

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