Please join in the discussion!

Insp18 NeedlePrayer 7x5 s cu

Dear Needle Prayer Blog Followers,

Many times I see that a number of other bloggers “like” Carmen’s posts but there aren’t any comments made on the posts.  I know it is Carmen’s desire to spark lots of discussion about NeedlePrayer but so far it’s just been Carmen and I who are dialoguing.

Just want to encourage even short comments if you have time and thoughts to share.  And if you don’t, please do continue to enjoy and “like” her posts!

Looking forward to “meeting” some of you!


2 thoughts on “Please join in the discussion!

  1. Thanks for advocating! Everyone else, come on in, the water’s fine!

  2. BTW, I put some thoughts on my philosophy for this blog in the page NeedlePrayer and You. Please check it out! And I’m not just interested in comments/interaction from crafters, but from all people of faith.

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