Favourite Music – Michael Card – The Basin and the Towel

My favourite thing to have on while working on NeedlePrayer projects is uplifting music.  And one of my very favourite songs is Michael Card‘s The Basin and the Towel.

Amazon.com: Poiema: Michael Card: Music.

This song references the beautiful episode from the Gospels where, at the Last Supper, Christ takes up a basin and towel and washes the feet of the apostles.  It is a call to service.

And the call is to community,
The impoverished power that sets the soul free.

It challenges us to think beyond ourselves, and find purpose in serving others.  Even our Lord focussed on service, so how can we be above it?

And the space between ourselves sometimes
Is more than the distance between the stars.
By the fragile bridge of the Servant’s bow
We take up the basin and the towel.

What a wonderful way to comfort our lonely souls than to connect with others and God through action, through work, as well as through prayer.


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