Praying for Family

While watching out for people to do NeedlePrayer for, I found I can’t ignore the situations among my family and friends which are suitable for prayer and service.  I hope this doesn’t seem selfish or like it’s not an appropriate ministry activity.

I find that praying for family is different in a number of ways from praying for strangers.  For example, it’s harder to pray “Thy will be done.”  I have clear ideas about what I want to happen, and that colors the prayer.  So I need to pray more “show me how to minister to them.”

I’m currently working on a piece for a caregiver in my family.  She looks after her husband who has dementia, and does a lot of care for her grand-daughter.  Until quite recently she was also caring for her elderly parents, who are now passed.  And she does it all with love, care, invincible cheerfulness.  She must make complex and important decisions.  This is the design I made for her:

Tulips Design by Carmen CS
Tulips Design, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

She picked the quote.  I picked the tulips, which are her favourite flower.  The butterfly is for rebirth and freedom.

I find after I finish a NeedlePrayer session devoted to her, that night I often need to pray for myself and my relationship with them.   I need to pray for my acceptance of the situation.  I think if I didn’t do this afterwards I wouldn’t be able to continue praying mostly for her during my NeedlePrayer time.

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