Valley of Shadow – Picking the Fibers

The first step to doing the stitching is to pick the fibers.  Typically, I pick one kind of fiber for the majority of the design.

There are many choices of fiber available for needlework today.  They have different feels (or hand), luster, colors.  They require different skills to prepare and stitch with them.

For this project, I have chosen to use DMC cotton floss.  It has a smooth hand that is nice to work with.  It comes in a wide array of colors, which you can count on to be consistent from one lot to another.  It is widely available.  I have purchased a number of lots of various colors from retiring needleworkers, so I have a “library” of colors that I can choose from for any new project.

DMC Cotton Floss by Carmen CS
DMC Cotton Floss, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

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