Cat’s Project for Bella – O Taste and See…

Once I have a verse or two chosen, I start looking for images that work with them.  For this, Flicker is a great resource.  But remember only to use images according to their licensing.  Creative Commons licensed  images can be used for personal projects, and many Flicker photographers use it.
“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!”
Psalm 34:8
Meadow tasting John's fingersI like the idea of this image, especially if you have cats.  Pick one with a distinctive face, or one that Bella particularly likes, and put something yummy on your fingers so the cat licks them.  Get a friend to take a bunch of pictures and I’ll pick the best.
I tried tasting the rainbow... 365:day 1This is another neat idea.  God is light – taste his beauty!
004 | TongueWhile I’m not sure the guy is right, the idea of not just tasting, but licking up every last bit of God seems yummy!
Tasting SnowTasting the snow might be nice…
Glorious FoodIMG_1528the peach
Aug-10-(12)bPeaches anyone?

Tastes great. Less filling.
Or even windows…

One thought on “Cat’s Project for Bella – O Taste and See…

  1. rhekelley says:

    Thanks for the reminder about copyrights and licensing. Not only will this protect us (from lawsuits, such as have been seen in the quilting community if people use patterns and sell the resulting work, or don’t give credit to the pattern creator if they exhibit in a quilt show) if we choose to use someone else’s work, but it helps protect artists, photographers, musicians, etc. financially so they get their due, which helps everyone keep creating.

    I would like to add that in some cases, if there is no licensing restriction listed, it’s just polite to ask to use someone’s photograph, and also an encouragement to the photographer. I recently contacted the director of a camp my nephew loves, to see if he minded that I want to use his photo of mountains as inspiration for a wall quilt graduation gift.

    The quilt will not have any photographic reproduction on it; I do hope to recreate a favorite scene for my nephew. But I felt uncomfortable just using the photo, even though it wasn’t marked as licensed or copyrighted. I contacted the gentleman and he was pleased to hear what I am going to do, and asked for a picture of the finished quilt

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