The beauty of God demands a response…

“The beauty of God demands a response from us. Maybe your response is a poem or a symphony. Better yet, your response might take the form of a new and creative way to show someone your love and God’s.”

From my morning readings in “Scribbling in the Sand“, by Michael Card.

free 'group' hugs by jessleecuizon
free ‘group’ hugs, a photo by jessleecuizon on Flickr.  Used under Creative Commons Attribution License.

 What do we do that can demonstrate our love?  There are tons of things!  

Why don’t we give more flowers?  I’m planting a cutting garden this year so I can take flowers to the office staff at my church and my doctor’s offices.

What can you do?

One thought on “The beauty of God demands a response…

  1. rhekelley says:

    I love your response to this quote. I agree with him (and you!), but not entirely! I will need to do some more thinking about why he suggests that a relational response is better than a simple “creation” response.

    I think a lot of artists neglect their art–whether it’s music, writing, painting, handwork, carpentry and on and on–because we think that other forms of worship/ relationship are more important, or at least more urgent. Very often I have let other people’s needs cause me to neglect my own.

    I’m trying to learn that making daily time for my arts–flute and some other forms of music; quilting and needlepoint; and writing–is like doing what the flight attendants urge while explaining the oxygen masks: Put on your own mask first and then take care of those around you. That’s an old analogy, but it still speaks volumes to me. Creating does something deep for my soul and connects me to God in ways that other activities don’t. Perhaps it has something to do with being who He created me to be, exercising the gifts He has given me?

    I also want it to be okay sometimes to do my art simply because it’s an expression of who I am, and that in itself is an expression of my response to God’s beauty, brings glory to Him, and makes Him smile, just as I smile at a child who has created a picture simply because she can and it’s fun. But I also LOVE the Needle Prayer concept and want to continue learning how to implement it in my life!

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