Rainbow Dove – Completed!

I heard on Monday that the young lady responded so well to treatment that her medical team says either the original diagnosis was wrong (although they are not clear how it could have been) or she experienced a miraculous cure.  Praise God!

I have completed the piece as a thanksgiving and an encouragement for her.

Rainbow Dove Stitched by Carmen CS
Rainbow Dove Stitched, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

I blanked out where I stitched her name to protect her privacy.

Prayer: Father, thank You for protecting her through this trial.  We thank You for Your incredible love.  I lift her up to You that she may gain wisdom from this experience and use it for Your glory and towards Your plans.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Dove – Completed!

  1. rhekelley says:

    This is lovely. I like the subtle shading of the variegated threads, and the silvery tone of the dove. So glad the hear that the recipient has healed so quickly. What an encouragement for her to receive her prayer piece.

    Can you post a photo of the original stitiched Rainbow Dove? I would like to see the contrast in the different thread choices.

    • Here it is, and I think it makes an interesting contrast in what thread choices and fancy stitching can do to subtly alter the effect of a piece. This one was from a slightly different design where the rainbow took up the whole background with no sky, of course, which also changes the look.

      Whoops, looks like I can’t put a picture here, will have to make a new post…

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