Making waves, adding borders and backing…

Threads…Looking forward to using all the colors!


Each layer has a line of stitching 1/8″ from the folded edge.

stitch 1

Adding borders–Very excited to find this cream-colored fabric at the fabric store!  The little asterisks reminded me of starfish and the circles of seashells.  The stars and circles are about 1/8″ high.


The cream borders set off the colors in the quilt.

with border

Someone gave me this wonderful tropical fish fabric.  I like to have fun with backings of my quilts and this pattern fits the bill!


The wall hanging is now “layered,” with the top, batting (blankety material in-between) and backing secured together with temporary quilter’s spray adhesive.  Saves a lot of time, not having to make the large basting stitches to hold the layers together for the quilt stitching.  Can’t wait to add some texture and interest with the quilting and fun threads!


Prayer:  Dear Father, Please continue to work in my niece’s life.  Help her continue to understand and trust that You have all the pieces of her life in Your Hands, and that You love to add layers of Your love to her heart.

2 thoughts on “Making waves, adding borders and backing…

  1. Blondie says:

    Wow Rheba- beautiful!

  2. Wow, you’ve been busy! And so beautifully…

    And I like the link between layering on the quilt and layers of her life too.

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