To pray is to change…


“To pray is to change. Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us.”


From my morning readings in “A Celebration of Discipline”, by Richard J. Foster.


Transformation.  What a dream!  And directed by our Father, who so truly loves us and desires us to grow and mature and fulfill our potential.  I have not been able to transform myself by will, and this is the wisdom passed on by many.  Only through God’s intervention can we change, but we must ask Him to change us, and prayer is the path.





2 thoughts on “To pray is to change…

  1. rhekelley says:

    I am going to have to do a search on chrysalises because I’m fascinated by the chrysalis in this photo, bearing the colors and pattern of the transformed butterfly! Transformation comes in all sizes and takes all kinds of different amounts of time.

    A long time ago, a dear “other-mother” calmed my 22 year-old self, who had said, “I want to grow!!” She said, “Trees don’t stand there, squeezing their eyes shut, and balling up their fists, thinking, ‘grow, Grow, GROW!!!” They simply take in what they need–sunshine, water, nutrients from the soil, carbon dioxide from the air–and God gives the growth.”

    It’s pretty amazing how a tree transforms all those elements into such beauty, to a home for the birds and little critters, into apples and pears and cherries, and oxygen for the rest of us. And it’s not even trying!

    Just as we absorb bits of wisdom from our earthly mentors, how much more can we absorb by coming in prayer to God’s presence, to sit quietly, to praise Him for Who He Is, to confess our sins and seek forgiveness, to thank Him for what He has done for us, and bring our hopes and dreams and requests!

  2. Oh come on! GROW!!!!

    But seriously, I’ve felt that urge to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN too, and I think this is great advise!

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