Leap for Joy – Designing the Word

Having selected an appropriate font (Zapfino) for Joy, I now have to convert it into a needlepoint design.

Which pixels to turn on depends on what kind of stitch will be used.  The traditional needlepoint stitch is a half cross, basically a slash /.  This means that care must be taken to make sure that lines join up nicely.

If a diagonal line goes up and to the right, a diagonal line of stitches will join up.  For example, the upper bar of the J shows this.

But a diagonal going down and to the right will not join up.  In these cases, extra pixels are needed. You can see an example of this in the hook at the left of the top bar of the J.  Here I’ve added an extra pixel at the lower left to make the J look right.

Springing-Lamb-Joy – Version 2 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Prayer: Again, Father, we look to you for joy in our lives.  Help this family to walk ever closer to you and to find themselves leaping!


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