A hunger for love…

“This is more than a hunger for beauty. It is at the same time a hunger for love, for acceptance-which, if you think about it long enough, you’ll realize is a hunger for God. For he is beautiful.”

From my morning readings in “Scribbling in the Sand”, by Michael Card.

street art by paparutzi
street art, a photo by paparutzi on Flickr.

God is beautiful, and I think maybe my desire to create beauty in my own small way is a desire for God.  I seek to bring God into my life by emulating Him, by exercising one of the ways I believe He created me in His image.  My hunger drives me to use the special talents and skills which make me unique.


2 thoughts on “A hunger for love…

  1. rhekelley says:

    I think this also is part of the reason I feel better when my house is clean, my car is neat and clean, the garden weeded, when clutter is under control (moving toward as little as possible!), and when I have good household routines in place. I have been working on this for several years and still have a long way to go, but am encouraged by making progress in a life-long struggle.

    This order automatically creates more beauty that surrounds me where I live–I feel the calmness of uncluttered spaces (including drawers and closets–wacky, but I feel calmer knowing a closet is orderly!); see and enjoy the simple, beautiful things in my home space; have more energy for artistic pursuits; and less anxiety, because there are way fewer things to fall through the cracks. I think in a small way, my desire for order reflects God’s creative orderliness. He’s never hurried, and always knows what the Plan is!

  2. I tolerate a certain amount of clutter, but there comes a point when I have to do a massive cleanup to get back to comfort. Usually this occurs when I can’t find something!

    But I find some kinds of clutter ugly, and then it HAS to go promptly!

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