Show Me the Way – Separating Threads for Blending

Now it’s time to make up the fibers for stitching the piece. I’ll start with the dark red.

Dark Red Threads
I’m stitching with silk, and on 18 pt canvas I want 4 strands per fiber to cover the canvas. So I can pick at most 4 threads to go into my fiber. Here I’ve chosen the really vibrant red solid, plus the three darkest reds variegateds from my raw thread palette.

Thread 1
Now we need to separate our threads into individual strands. First tease the end of the thread to reveal the strands.

Thread 2
Next, grab one strand and pull.

Thread 3
One hand pulls the single strand being separated…

Thread 4
… while the other holds the thread loosely enough that the single strand can slide out …

Thread 5
… but firmly enough that the remaining strands stay behind.

Thread 6
The rest of the thread will bunch up behind the fingers.

Thread 7
This is OK. If the strand being pulled out gets caught up, pull gently on the tail of the thread until the strand releases.

Thread 8
When the single strand has come totally out, the thread bunch will release.

Thread 9
Keep doing this until you have all the strands you need.

Completed Red Fiber
And here is the red fiber, combining a rich red shade with subtly different shades, which will provide a nice natural visual texture to the piece.


Prayer: Father, help her to separate what she needs, what will help her and those she cares for, and blend something beautiful and functional.


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