I hope to be starting a NeedlePrayer group…


… this fall.  I’m seeking people who do handcrafts and would like to try combining them with prayer and service.  I will host the meetings in my house in Plumsteadville, PA, and they are open to anyone, although I have limited space and will need to know how many are coming ;-}

Needlepoint Demonstration by Carmen CS
Needlepoint Demonstration, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Would you like to join in?  Or do you know someone who would?  It will not be limited to needle crafts; I would welcome any kind of handcraft that you can do at least partly in my living room.  Please pass this invitation on!  Men, women, well-behaved children who do crafts all welcome!

Do you have experience with this kind of group and can you give me help in making sure it works well?

Prayer: Father, if it be your will, please help me to share the joy and fulfillment I have found in NeedlePrayer.



2 thoughts on “I hope to be starting a NeedlePrayer group…

  1. I would also welcome people who would like to learn needlepoint…

  2. What a wonderful idea which I am sure God will bless. Thanks for the comments to Different Personalities. I think I may have lost your email address so please write again. Love your posts. Rose

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