This is why…

“What are the parts of who you are that consistently bring God glory and bless others? What are the moments in your day when you find yourself saying, “This is why I’m on earth”?”

From my morning readings in “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream”, by Holley Gerth.

Fishing on Oahu by Stuck in Customs
Fishing on Oahu, a photo by Stuck in Customs on Flickr.

We each bring different things to our lives.  These come from the uniqueness God builds into each of us, as well as the different circumstances of our lives.  And these differences are precious.  We cannot do the unique work God has in mind for each of us if we try to follow someone else’s path or program.  I need to do my work, not yours.

One of the lovely things God does for us is to give us joy in our paths.  That’s not to say it will always be easy.  But joy will be there as well as the work.  Seek the joy!


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