Our ultimate goal in prayer…

“… our ultimate goal in prayer must be to glorify God by changing the world. God desires to pour Himself through us into our world, thus bringing about this change.

From my morning readings in “The Hour That Changes the World”, by Dick Eastman.

Sunday 21st April by jf01350
Sunday 21st April, a photo by jf01350 on Flickr.

Prayer is about offering ourselves as a conduit to God.  It’s also about changing ourselves to become more fit conduits, allowing Him to change us.  That is how we can best glorify Him, by showing how He changes us and works through us.  And what joy I have found in the times I have so far found to allow that outpouring!



One thought on “Our ultimate goal in prayer…

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying the Hour That Changes the World. It truly is awesome

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