Our circumstances may not change…

“Our circumstances may not change as a result of our time in prayer, but we will be changed. The problem or crisis we’ve prayed about – the chronic illness, the shattered relationship, the financial struggle – may still be there. But something will be changed within us: the inexplicable peace of God will displace our anxious thoughts.”

from “Friend of God, the Legacy of Abraham, Man of Faith” by Ray C. Stedman

Bible Study by .:[ Melissa ]:.
Bible Study, a photo by .:[ Melissa ]:. on Flickr.

Our tendency is always to ask God to change the world in answer to our prayers.  But sometimes it is much more fruitful to ask Him to change us, to change our hearts, to change our expectations.  I often find that, when I am feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed by things in my life, prayer helps me remember that God is always beside me.  If I feel alone, it’s because I am facing the wrong direction.  I need to remember to turn around, and see the loving Father who is always there.


2 thoughts on “Our circumstances may not change…

  1. rhekelley says:

    “Thy Will be done” is a central phrase of the Lord’s prayer. So why, then, does my prayer often focus on what I think God should do for me, instead of asking what He wants to do IN me? I agree with “sometimes it’s more fruitful,” but wonder if it’s even “always?”

    At the same time, He does tell us to bring our requests to Him (Philippians 4:6,7) and release our anxieties with thanksgiving. Lord, help us find the balance in prayer. Thank You for Your willingness to hear us all the time, no matter what we bring to You. Thank You for having a purpose and a plan for us and working that out in our hearts and lives through circumstances. Please help me not to be so quick to ask You to remove circumstances that You want to use to draw me closer to You, but instead be thankful.

    • I wonder if the problem is that we approach Him with our ideas on what form His help should take, rather than simply telling Him our concerns and trusting that His wisdom will sort them out. We start with preconceived ideas, and that can stop us from hearing His quiet voice and receiving His wonderful peace.

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