Cat’s Project for Bella – Hebrews 11:1

Here’s a layout of the verse for Bella.  It takes up about 175 pixels in width.   So on 20 point canvas, it would be about 9 inches wide.  I don’t know how this compares on cross-stitch fabric…

Hebrews-11-1 by Carmen CS
Hebrews-11-1, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, we lift Bella up to you.  Please be with her, and help her to walk with you.

5 thoughts on “Cat’s Project for Bella – Hebrews 11:1

  1. BTW, I can do the verse in other fonts, which would change both the look and the size.

    I could do a larger version of this font which would look smoother, but would be bigger.

    I could do a simple block lettering which would probably be smaller.

    If you have a font you like send it to me.

    Let me know what you’d like to see…

    • Cat says:

      I actually like this font. She is still young, so printing is preferred (v cursive). There are a few types I like, maybe I can send them to you via Email, since I can’t use them here.

      I think Xstitch counts the same for size.

      I still like that picture of the little girl. Is there a way to combine this LONG verse with the picture. If not, I think the picture as the cover and the verse as the inside cover.

      If I am making the book, I suppose most any size will work. I will fill it with Craft paper for scrapbook and photo keeping, and make envelopes to hold other keepsakes.

      I would want to go to the craft and stationary stores to see if there was something there I could not do without, before finalizing a size.

      Excited to be back on track!! Maybe you cab say a prayer asking for my computer to continue to cooperate!

      • Yeah, I assume canvas is the same for either cross-stitch or needlepoint, but I don’t know what point of canvas you would be happy stitching… So if you can tell me the point size I’ll tell you how big it works out to.

        You could tell me the font name(s) that you like and I might have them…

        The picture – are you referring to the one of the little girl in a garden dragging her mom around? I’ll post some ideas of what that might look like…

  2. Cat says:

    Great re your ideas – would love to see them.
    Re stitching, 10/in is too “undone” looking. 12 is still quite easy. 20 is fine and I think requires single thread.
    Of course, I cannot get into my fonts because they are in the totally dysfunctional laptop. 😦 I think the name of a font I like for this is Harrington – maybe. Soft, not too frilly, print, no little hearts to dot Is.
    Getting excited!

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