Look for the threads of God’s work…

“Most likely you have already been doing something related to your dream. Maybe in a different place. Maybe in a different way. Maybe with different people. Look for the threads of God’s work in your life and how he’s tying them together into your dream.”

From my morning readings in “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream”, by Holley Gerth.

Fluorescent ort loom by Unhindered by Talent
Fluorescent ort loom, a photo by Unhindered by Talent on Flickr.

Threads.  Like I’ve done needlepoint since I was a child.  Like I’ve taught everything from quilting to software engineering to mathematics.  Like I started combining prayer with needlepoint for my Secret Sisters.

What threads can you pick up?


One thought on “Look for the threads of God’s work…

  1. kelbell77 says:

    I’m so new to this blogging thing. I’ve followed Holley for awhile, but just yesterday did the giant cliff dive into writing my own blog. I’m watching all the threads of thoughts and lessons from the last year or so get woven into God’s plan.
    Thanks for all the encouragement in your books and blogs, Holley! Be blessed!

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