Show Me the Way – Centering on Foam Core

It is important to have the piece properly centered and evenly stretched.  Begin by marking the centers of all edges of the foam core.  You have to mark the edge of the foam core, because when you are pinning the canvas will cover the top.

Then mark the canvas at the centers of the design edges, just outside the stitched area.

Now take a T-pin and put it through a hole in the canvas at one of the center marks.  Then push it into the foam core at the corresponding center mark.  Push the pin all the way in, making sure it stays buried in the foam core.

Tulips - Centering on Foamcore by Carmen CS
Tulips – Centering on Foamcore, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: It’s all in the details.  Father, help her with making the little things right!


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