A privilege of cooperation…

“It is true that the Infinite God is the Father of my soul, that I have a certain kinship with the Abiding, a privilege of cooperation. Higher than my highest.”
From “Abba” by Evelyn Underhill
"The LORD is my Light..." by Art ~ 4ThGlryOfGod
This quote speaks to me of being a child of God, created in His image, made creative, seeking beauty, made to do His work.  “A privilege of cooperation.”  That informs what NeedlePrayer is for me.

Preconceived ideas of how to use our talents…

“We all have a preconceived idea of the path which we are to follow, the way in which we shall use our talents best. But in the world of prayer, our eyes cleansed by adoration, we perceive and acknowledge that the initiative lies with God; and only with us insofar as we give up our energy to Him and take up our inheritance as Children of God, recognizing and welcoming His quiet directive action, His steady pressure within life as the only thing that really matters about it.”

From my morning readings in “Abba” by Evelyn Underhill

trevose head lighthouse explore #197 by Darren Shilson
trevose head lighthouse explore #197, a photo by Darren Shilson on Flickr.