Isaiah 41:10 – Stitching the Fancy Background First

I will strengthen you… | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

By stitching the fancy background stitch first, I can count where the stitches need to go through the mesh areas taken up by the letters.  This simplifies the fancy stitching.

Isaiah 41:10 – Fancy Stitching

Do not Fear | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

I decided to use a variegated metallic gold thread for the background of the cross, and to use one of my favorite fancy stitches to get a rich, tapestry-like effect for the cross.  Having stitched many of the letters, I began stitching the background of the cross, and immediately started hitting problems keeping the fancy stitch pattern going across the letters.

Isaiah 41:10 – Stitching Letters First

Stitching Letters First | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Usually when stitching needlepoint, I learned to start with small areas first, then fill in the background around them.  So that would indicate that I should stitch the letters first, as you can see here.

Isaiah 41:10 – an encouragement piece – the painted design

Insp18 Isaiah Rb 11×17 c | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

I designed and painted this piece in October, for a sufferer from chronic illness.

I have been stitching it since, and will be showing some techniques I’m using on this piece.  Following posts will illustrate.

Isaiah designs and painted canvases

This is my latest design in progress…

Isaiah Design Color Block

Isaiah Design Rainbow Version

This is the “rainbow” version.

Isaiah Design Limited Color Palette

Here I’ve used a limited palette where God is always white, you purple, things to avoid blue, and things given green.

Isaiah Design Another Option

Another option suggested by Rheba Kelley – thanks Rhe!

Isaiah Multicolor Painted Canvas

Here is the painted canvas for the multicolored version of this design. It is painted on decorative canvas with metallic silver threading.

Isaiah Rainbow Painted Canvas

The painted rainbow version, also in decorative canvas.