Rhe’s Quilted Seaside Wallhanging for my niece

My twin niece and nephew are graduating from high school in June.  I decided to make them each a wall hanging, using the wonderful book, Accidental Landscapes by Karen Eckmeier.  My niece’s piece will be a seaside scene, and my nephew’s will be a mountain scene.  I’m starting with the seaside, because I already have enough fabrics to create that one. To see what I’m aiming to do, please look at the book  on Amazon.

Accidental Landscapes: Karen Eckmeier: 9780979203312: Amazon.com: Books.

I’ve never made an “art quilt” before.  I haven’t made many quilts yet–my total is three bed quilts, a baby quilt, and I have three other wall hangings and a twin-sized bed quilt in process.  Well, all pieced, but in the closet, waiting to be quilted!  All of those were traditional patchwork, and I’m excited about learning Karen Eckmeier’s process.  There’s a lot of room for creativity, whimsy and fun!

Besides that, I am looking forward to some concentrated prayer for my niece and nephew as they prepare to graduate and go off to college in September.  I hope that I will be able to split my brain and be able to pray as well as stitch.  These two wall hangings will be created primarily by machine, and so far I’ve had limited success with focused prayer while machine stitching.  I do much better at Needle Prayer when I’m stitching something by hand, either needlepoint or piecing a quilt.

The photos below are my inspiration photos for my niece’s seaside scene. These scenes are my springboard and I’m excited to choose my fabrics.   It’s intriguing, figuring out how to use the lighthouse, which is the Fire Island lighthouse off Long Island’s south shore.  The tower in the distance in the first photo is not the lighthouse, and the lighthouse actually is some distance inland, so the shoreline is not visible. I will be exercising artist’s license!

I grew up loving that lighthouse, and my niece has enjoyed many visits to that beach, too.  It will be fun to figure out how to make some seagulls to sit on the sand, as well as gather  teensy shells and irridescent beads from my stash of “doodads.”  Who knows where I will end up?