A Great Audiobook for NeedlePrayer

I love listening to uplifting music or audiobooks while doing NeedlePrayer.  Well-chosen listening helps me focus, and can even bring to my attention prayer requests I have lost track of.

Of the audiobooks I use, far and away the best so far is “The Lord is My Shepherd – the Healing Wisdom of the 23rd Psalm” by Harold S. Kushner.  It addresses issues that must come to a thinking person’s mind in the face of tragedy, with a God-centered approach which is truly comforting while not icing over the pain.  I often send a copy of the book as well when I deliver a finished piece.  If you haven’t read it, I can’t recommend it enough.


41EIxvLs3rL._SL175_ by Carmen CSThe Lord Is My Shepherd: The Healing Wisdom of the Twenty-Third Psalm Audiobook | Harold Kushner | Audible.com.

Do any of you know of other audiobooks I might like?