Blue Luna – Luna Moth Design

Next up is the Luna Moth.  Designing it in isolation highlights for me its beauty and fragility.

Blue-Luna-Green-Luna by Carmen CS
Blue-Luna-Green-Luna, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, our fragile lives shine in the darkness.  Help us to protect that light while letting it shine out to others.

Blue Luna – Moon Design in Context

I typically design each element against a blank background.  This simplifies the process, focusses my eye on the element, and makes the boundary of the element clear.

But after designing each element, it’s important to plug it in to the overall image.  This checks that the design is coming together well.

Blue-Luna-Moon-Context by Carmen CS
Blue-Luna-Moon-Context, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, help her and her caregivers to focus on each element of her treatment, while keeping the larger context of her life in mind.

Blue Luna – Moon Design

The next step is to design each element at size.  I start with the foreground elements, then do the background.  So the first order of business is the moon.

The challenge is to show the brighter and darker areas we see and know, while still giving an overall impression of luminescence.

Blue-Luna-Moon by Carmen CS
Blue-Luna-Moon, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, even as You made her a light in the darkness, let her find Your light in her troubles.

Reaching for Faith – Framed!

I decided to have “Reaching for Faith” professionally blocked and framed.  Here it is, complete!

Reaching for Faith Framed by Carmen CS
Reaching for Faith Framed, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, I praise You and thank You for making us artists, in Your image.  Help me to do my art for Your glory.

Seeking the Beloved on Christmas

I’ve been meaning to write a Christmas message for the blog and not getting it done.  This morning I received this lovely gift from a dear friend and sister in Christ: Seeking the Beloved: A Prayer Journey with St. John of the Cross eBook: Wayne Simsic: Kindle Store.

Starting to read, I came across this to share with you all:

“If prayer is fundamentally an expression of love— a single-hearted reaching out to the Other in a love relationship— it is more simple than any technique or way of praying. The most important thing in prayer is the heart’s inclination in relation to God.”

Simsic, Wayne (2012-03-28). Seeking the Beloved: A Prayer Journey with St. John of the Cross (Kindle Locations 119-121). The Word Among Us Press. Kindle Edition.

Praying for the inclination of all our hearts, and wishing you a blessed Christmas!


Blue Luna – Color Palette

One of the key things that must be done when designing a needlepoint piece is cutting the millions of colors and shades in a photo down to a manageable palette of colors.  They must be different enough that the person stitching the design can tell them apart, but close enough that the color changes aren’t too dramatic.

I find that six shades of grey from white through black inclusive is about right.  Other colors can support a similar range of shades.

So I pick colors for the palette from the layout, keeping these guidelines in mind.   I arrange them in a grid so I can pick paint colors.

Blue-Luna-Color-Pallette by Carmen CS
Blue-Luna-Color-Pallette, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, I thank You for the beauty and intricacy of creation.  Help her to appreciate Your work all around her.

Blue Luna – Message Layout

When asked if she had a favorite verse or catch phase she’d like included on the piece, her answer was “Always Victory!”  What a great attitude!

I move from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Illustrator for the rest of the design work, including the placement of her message, using my favorite font, Zapfino.

Blue-Luna-layout by Carmen CS
Blue-Luna-layout, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, we know that You grant us victory in all things through faith in You!