His beauty demands a response…

“God is beautiful. His beauty demands a response that is shaped by that beauty. And that is art.”

From my morning readings in “Scribbling in the Sand“, by Michael Card.

Galaxies 'Coming of Age' in Cosmic Blobs (NASA, Chandra, 6/24/09) by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
Galaxies ‘Coming of Age’ in Cosmic Blobs (NASA, Chandra, 6/24/09), a photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr.  Used under Creative Commons Attribution License.

We see the beauties around us, minute and immense, intimate and profligate, comforting and terrible.  And there are the beauties we will never see, but which we know must be out there.  These beauties can shape our creativity, focus our art, give us something to aspire to.

Time and space come together…

“Time and space come together as we look at the stars, as we worship silently together in this most massive cathedral of the summer sky. Something in both of us aches and hungers and is not filled even in the presence of this awesome beauty. This is more than a hunger for beauty. It is at the same time a hunger for love, for acceptance – which, if you think about it long enough, you’ll realize is a hunger for God. For He is beautiful.”

From my morning readings in “Scribbling in the Sand“, by Michael Card.

Rocky outcrop under the Milky Way by Indigo Skies Photography
Rocky outcrop under the Milky Way, a photo by Indigo Skies Photography on Flickr.

We are made in such a way that we recognize and celebrate beauty.  That beauty can make us yearn for God.  It can make us seek to emulate creation in our own small ways.  It can let us reach out to each other in love and touch each other’s lives and hearts.  This is creative service, something I believe we are all called to.

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MARCH 7, 2013

Season Of Reflection

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The Easter story. The gift of His transforming love. The reminder of what Jesus has done for us.

Check this out for a lovely devotion and free printable at:

Season Of Reflection | (in)courage.

By Jennifer, StudioJRU


A privilege of cooperation…

“It is true that the Infinite God is the Father of my soul, that I have a certain kinship with the Abiding, a privilege of cooperation. Higher than my highest.”
From “Abba” by Evelyn Underhill
"The LORD is my Light..." by Art ~ 4ThGlryOfGod
This quote speaks to me of being a child of God, created in His image, made creative, seeking beauty, made to do His work.  “A privilege of cooperation.”  That informs what NeedlePrayer is for me.

NeedlePrayer – Begin with Celebration!


I find it is important for me to begin a NeedlePrayer session with celebration and thanksgiving.  I do NeedlePrayer pieces for people with major issues.  It’s too easy to get caught up in awfulness.  I need to begin with creation, with joy, with the good things that have happened to my prayer recipients.

Only then can I pray without negativity, with joy.

Without fear, with faith.

Without despair, with hope.

I believe this makes a profound difference in the quality of my prayer.

Rhe Uplifted | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.