Show Me the Way – Variegated Threads

Thread choice can help me recover the naturalistic look of the tulips. Here I will use variegated or overdyed threads to enhance the richness of the colors. These threads incorporate more than one color blending into each other, rather than the traditional solid thread which is all one shade.

Variegated Threads

Prayer: Father, please help things to flow smoothly and naturally as she cares for others.

Isaiah 41:10 – Halo Segment

Remember this project?  I’ve been working on it a little at a time all this while.  I like to have different projects at different stages so I can choose what to work on.  Also, my perception of the needs of the various people I am pray for changes.

Here I have stitched the first segment of the cross’s halo.  I’m using the silver color version of the variegated gold thread I used for the background of the cross.  But the different stitch I have chosen gives a different look to the way the shades of the variegated thread play out.  I have tried here to give the impression of rays streaming outward.

Isaiah 41:10 Halo Segment by Carmen CS
Isaiah 41:10 Halo Segment, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, help her to feel Your power streaming out and to her.  I pray she may feel your love and benevolence.