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Untitled, a photo by bird_flew on Flickr.
I don’t want this blog to be about me. I want it to be about a community of people sharing this kind of service, encouraging each other, sharing tips, trials, and victories. It doesn’t even need to be all needle workers – I believe this approach to prayer can work with cooking, woodwork, any craft.

Please interact! Ask me questions, suggest topics, challenge my theology! Share what you’re doing, what you’re thinking.

If you’re interested in participating on this blog beyond commenting, fill out the following form and I will invite you in!


One thought on “NeedlePrayer & You

  1. I was asked:
    What kind of participation (beyond commenting) is possible?

    I can set you up as a contributor, to post prayer projects you are working on (see the quilting posts) or devotionals (would like them to be service & prayer conjoined oriented). Remember that any craft modality is welcome. If you do cooking, flower arranging, woodwork, welding steel sculpture, whatever, and combine it with prayer for the recipient, tell us about it!

    You could sign up for my NeedlePrayer custom design project and I will walk you through doing a piece. If you don’t already needlepoint I can teach you.

    You can propose anything else and I will consider it!

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