Reaching for Faith – Stained Glass 2

There are many books that can give you fancy stitches for a variety of looks.  My favourite is

The Needlepoint Book: A Complete Update of the Classic Guide: Jo Ippolito Christensen: 9780684832302: Books.

Sometimes it’s just fun to mix it up!

Reaching - lower right by Carmen CS
Reaching – lower right, a photo by Carmen CS on Flickr.

Prayer: Father, help me to find creative ways to enjoy my life and service.


Favourite Books – The Hour That Changes the World

This book was recently recommended to me by my new friend Rose Spillenaar Harmer, who writes, a great Christian blog.  I’m only about 1/3 of the way through it, but it is already revolutionizing the way I pray.  Thanks, Rose!

Hour That Changes the World, The: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer: Dick Eastman, Joni Tada: 9780800793135: Books.

I will be including some of Dick Eastman’s insights in my Morning Reading posts.  But that venue can’t convey what this book offers.

Mr. Eastman presents a way to pray for an hour each day, using 12 5-minute prayer activities.  The framework provides a rich basis for prayer encompassing praise, confession, supplication, God’s Word, and much more.  And the framework is flexible enough to meet different needs and styles.

He suggests an hour a day as being scripturally based, but encourages the reader to try doing at least 12 minutes to try the process out.

I’m currently doing the first 4 activities: Praise, Waiting, Confession, and God’s Word.  I don’t time myself, but rather do as long as feels right on each activity.  Lovely!

Prayer:  Father, teach us to pray and to explore and expand our relationship with you!