A brotherly relation with all other souls…

“… prayer must overflow the boundaries of selfhood to include the life, the needs of the race; accepting as a corollary of its filial relation with God a brotherly relation with all other souls however diverse, and at every point replacing ‘mine’ with ‘ours’. “

From my morning readings in “Abba” by Evelyn Underhill


Prayer Wheel by darkmatter
Prayer Wheel, a photo by darkmatter on Flickr.  Used under Creative Commons Attribution License.


If I claim God as my Father, I must accept all His children as my brothers.  I must pray not for me, but for us.

2 thoughts on “A brotherly relation with all other souls…

  1. Question: Do you share a quote from your morning reading, and then a reflection of your own? Do you search for a fitting photo daily? In other words, does this blog represent a snapshot of your daily morning? (nosy, and wanting role models)

    • Glad to share!

      Every day I read from a Christian work first thing in the morning. (At the moment, it’s Barclay’s Letters to the Galatians and the Ephesians) I’ve actually been surprisingly good about this, I almost never miss. Maybe that’s because the rest of my day doesn’t go well when I miss. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids!

      Sometimes I also read in the evening or in doctors’ waiting rooms, but Morning, Evening, and Waiting Room Readings didn’t sound as good!

      Anyway, as I read, I mark passages I find inspirational and that I think are appropriate to what I want to convey with NeedlePrayer. I read on my iPad, using the Kindle Reader app.

      Some evenings, I sit down with my iPad, pick a passage I’ve marked, and look for a photo that I think goes with it. I use some photos I have taken, but mostly choose photos on Flickr which grant Creative Commons Attribution license, so I’m not stealing. BTW, if any of you think any of the photos I’ve chosen are wonderful, I’m sure the photographer would love you to click through to Flickr and favorite or comment on their shot!

      Some days, I go through the accumulated passages with pictures and assemble them into posts, adding my thoughts to each one. I try to vary which book I’m posting from.

      Because I want to provide a consistent blog presence, and because I suffer from chronic illness which means I go through bad spells where I may not be able to work on the blog for days, I decided when I started the blog to try to always have a week’s worth in the can. At the moment I have a schedule where a certain kind of post goes out each day of the week. This is evolving.

      So no, it’s not a snapshot of my daily morning in that sense. It’s a compilation of some of what I’ve been up for the last months.

      So, now, consider yourself justly repaid for your nosiness ;-P

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