Favourite Music – Rich Mullins – Sometime By Step

Oh God, You are my God
And I will ever praise You
I will seek You in the morning
And I will learn to walk in Your ways
And step by step You’ll lead me
And I will follow You all of my days


Amazon.com: Songs: Rich Mullins: Music.

This song answers so many needs I have when I go to Christian music.  It celebrates creation.  It calls me to faith and to follow.  It stirs my spirit to joy and energy and fortitude.

It also contains a couple of lines which one day I hope to make into a prayer piece:

Sometimes I think of Abraham 
How one star he saw had been lit for me 

This connection between me and Abraham through faith is so inspiring.  Of course I’m not sure my faith is really in his league, but I believe God considers me a descendant of this amazing man of faith, and a child of God.

I haven’t yet found the right person or group to do this piece for, but I hope to someday!


One thought on “Favourite Music – Rich Mullins – Sometime By Step

  1. rhekelley says:

    I have always been fascinated by Rich Mullins’ lyrics as well as his unique style of music. He didn’t seem to be one of those artists that copied the style of the day; he created his own style. His lyrics and images are also unique in the music world. I’m very grateful for the many Christian artists who create pathways for worship. I also find great solace in hymns of other ages. I mourn that Mullins isn’t with us any more, but imagine how he is now fully able to express his praise through music!

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